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Wu Yuxiang Style Tai Chi Chuan
Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan
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Chinese Learning
We provide Wushu instruction. While you are having Wushu training here, you will also get the chance to learn the Chinese language. Most of our students are Chinese students, so once you are here you will find yourselves in a Chinese speaking environment. Our students are ready to help you with your Chinese in exchange with your speaking English to them. So it gives you an opportunity of one on one teaching. The courses are available all year round. Learning here is quite different from at a university because of our friendly environment and excellent service. The comfortable single dorm rooms provide you with the conveniences of home. The training courses are programmed to suit each studentís requirements. With the help of our excellent teachers, students can improve greatly within only a few months.

We offer delicious Chinese food for breakfast, lunch and supper. There are various dishes from which you can choose your favorite. The Mantou (Chinese steamed bread) and rice is the usual food.


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