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For Tourists

1.       Yuncheng was built in the fourth year of Lucheng Gong in the Spring and Autumn period,that is 584 B.c.It has been 2000 years till now.

Yuncheng was the hometown of Shuihu heroes.There is the saying:among the 108 heroes ,72 were from Yuncheng.It was the hometown of the Shuihu heroes’ leaders such as Songjiang,Chaogai and Wuyong.

2.       Shuihu culture tourist town is the integrated humanities sightseeing consisting of Wushu exchange with Songjiang Wushu School,sightseeing in the Shuihu Culture Street and the performance by the Gouwa Artistic Group.

    Shuihu culture tourist town is divided into three parts.They are:Wushu teaching part,Wushu performing part and historical culture show part.


3.  Songjiang Wushu School was built on the site of Songjiang Wushu Hall.In 1985,starting with 300 yuan,the presidents Fan Qingbin and Liu Guoqing built the school of 100 students  from which,within no more than 20 years, developed into a first class school of more than 3000 students,occupying an area of 160000 square metres,building of 68000 square metres.In 2003,173 students entered university.25 students entered Beijing P.E University in 2006.

4.  Songjiang (cultural name Gongming),was called Filial Loyal Hei Sanlong,once took official duties in Yuncheng county.He was skillful at Broad-sword and good at writing , very fond of wushu weapons and learned a lot of Martial Art.In his life,he made a lot of friends from various circles.always ready to help.So he was called the saving “Timely Rains” in Shan Dong and He Bei at that time.

Lu Zunyi was from Beijing.He was a famous gentleman in his local place and was called He Bei Three Uniques.His martial art was marvelous.He had no match in staff playing,was the talent introduced by Songjiang with hard work from Beijing.

5.   The Talented Star Wu Yong

To the right of Song Jiang is the Talented Star Wu Yong. Wu Yong,his cultural name was Xue Jiu and Dao name was Jia Liang Xiansheng,was born in Che Shi village in Yuncheng.He was very handsome with long beard.He read Zhuyi when he was very young,and was conversant with calculation and reasoning and was the military consellor in Liangshan.

6.  The ticket to this sightseeing is 30 yuan.You will enjoy discount if you have efficacious certificate.

.People between the age 60 to 70 can have the ticket by half the price. People over 70 are free to enter.

. Students can buy half tickets with students' certificates

. Soldiers under active service and disabled soldiers are free to enter.

.Children under 1.2 metres are free to enter,children between 1.2 and 1.4 can buy half tickets,higher than 1.4 metres buy full ticket.

Tourists are requested to show efficacious certificates.

You are requested to buy tickets in the ticket office to protect your legal right.

The address of the sightseeing:West Street South Section Yuncheng Shandong province.

Information call:0530-6896888.  Complaint call: 0530-6896888

7.   The first functional part,Wushu teaching

 8.   The second part,Wushu performing part.

 9.   The third part,historical culture show part.

1 0. Tourists’center.

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