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Maybe you haven't been to Yuncheng County of China, but you must know the stories about Sunbing and Songjiang. Yuncheng County, on the east of which stand  Liangshan hills, and on the west flows the Yellow River, is a place famous for its heroes in history. It is also  the hometown of the famous strategist Sunbin in the Warring States Period, and the birthplace of Songjiang, the leader of the peasants' rebellion in the Beisong dynasty. Of the 108 generals of this peasants' rebellion, 72 were from Yuncheng.
Songjiang Wushu School is located in Yuncheng County, The custom of practicing Wushu, which passes from generation to generation, and has produced a lot of top-notch Wushu practitioners,  will flourish in Yuncheng.
Now more than 3000 students from over all of the world are at the School. There are 36 culture Wushu combined classes, ranging from primary grades to senior and polytechnic grades, and 19 wrestling, Sanshou, Judo, boxing and Taekwondo classes. The School
's 368 teachers and masters are highly skilled and experienced.
The School has 12'000 square meters of buildings with classical, elegance and modern equipment, including teaching buildings, large gymnasium, high-grade hotel, students
' dormitories, dining halls and bathhouses. The investment has reached a total of 20,000,000 yuan.

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        Dormitory    Teaching Building
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Studying  & Drilling

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Playing  and  Showing

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