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The Aim of the School

Keeping and developing  Wushu - the glorious gem of Chinese culture.
Spreading basic culture education and training skillful students.


The Policy of the School

Morality promoting martial art, culture developing in martial art.
Culture helps physical training, knowledge and skill simultaneously developing


The Song of the School

My home I love, my School I love;
my teacher I love, my friends I love.
Advice and teaching,
work hard  and study hard,
Sure of pillar of state.
Morality promoting Martial art,
culture helps physical training.
Knowledge and skill simultaneously developing.
Strengthening my body and healthy,
strengthening spirit and promoting China.

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ADD: Songjiang Wushu School,  Wulin  Street, Yuncheng County,
Shandong Province, P. R. China
       P.C.: 274718  
Email: TEL: +86-530-6524412 Mobile: 13181552027
Web Site: