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Songjiang Wushu School is a Wushu and culture combined Wushu and Cultural school , where students can both practice Wushu and learn culture. It is one of the first of the National Advanced Wushu Schools certified by the National Wushu Institute.
Mr. FAN, Qingbin, president of Songjiang Wushu School, and Mr. LIU, Guoqing, vice president of Songjiang Wushu School, began practicing Dahongquan when they were merely kids. They are the 31st generation Guiyi Dizi of Shaolin Temple.  President FAN is the only National Member of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC) from a  Wushu group in China
.With the goal of fostering and enhancing Chinese Wushu and love of Wushu education, they established Songjiang Wushu School in 1985. After 20 years of  hard work and overcoming great difficulties, a remarkable achievement has been made. Now the school covers an area of 300mu, has 80000 square meters of buildings with classical, elegant and modern equipment, including teaching buildings, gymnasiums, student's dormitories, dining hall and bathhouses. The investment has reached a total of 120,000,000 yuan. Now more than 4000 students from over 26 provinces in China and abroad attend the school. There are 39 culture Wushu combined classes, ranging from primary grades to senior and polytechnic grades, and 19 Wushu, Sanshou, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo and Taekwondo classes. Mr. CAI, Longyun, former vice president of the National Wushu Institute, and Mr. HAN, Zhibo, Director of Shandong Physical Education Institute, are honorary presidents of the school.  Mr. YU, Hai, Grand master of Mantis Gongfu, is the consultant of the school. Professor HE, Ziwen, dean of the Wushu department of Beijing Physical Education University, is the chief instructor of the school. Mr. HUANG, Guangxun, Shaolin Wushu master, teaches Shaolin quan at the school.
The leadership of the school is energetic.  More than  one hundred   instructors are highly skilled and experienced, with new routines. Some of them are winners of championships and second prizes at national and provincial competitions. There are 308 highly educated and experienced teachers. The school has taught and trained many good students, 18,000 of whom became athletes of the National Wushu Team, the National Armed Police Chief Team, and students at  many famous physical education universities and colleges in the last 20 years. 38 of them were ranked national martial heroes. The students in the school have won 1100 gold medals in competitions both in China and abroad. For example, at the National Wushu Village Competition in 1993, the students won 5 gold medals for cudgel play and broadsword play. They won 4 gold medals, and 8 silver and bronze medals, and the total scores of the team won  first place at the National Wushu Village Sanshou competition in 1995. Mr. Cheng, Xingzhao and other students of the school have won many championships at National Wushu and Shanshou competitions.In December,1999,Kang yonggang ,a student from our school, won the 54 weight championship in the Wushu against boxing competition held in  Utah.        

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