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If you are interested in Chinese Wushu and want to learn Chinese Wushu, welcome to Shandong,  welcome to Songjiang Wushu School. You can study Chinese Wushu here and know what is the Wushu county.

  1. Fist Pattern
    Shaolinquan, Taijiquan,Changquan, Nanquan, Bagua, Xingyiquan, Tanglangquan, Shuihuquan, Songjianquan, Yanqingquan, Sunbingquan, etc

    For foreign students and friends, we recommend you to learn and enjoy Shuihuquan, Songjianquan, Yanqingquan, Sunbingquan in our Songjiang Wushu School. Shuihuquan has 108 patterns, also, there are Shuihu Gongli fist pattern, running fist pattern and more. They are representative patterns of traditional Chinese fist patterns. They have a history of several hundred years. They are also the masterwork of 108 generals of Liangshan hills under the leadership of Song Jiang, the leader of the peasants' rebellion in the late Beisong dynasty. 

  2. Body practice routines
    Sixiang, Wuxing, Liuhe, Qixing, Bagua, Jiugong and Shierxingshou and more.

  3. Sparring routines
    Shuihuquan sparring, Two person's Sparring,  Baxianguohai and more.

  4. Wushu Weapons
    Over 100 routines of Wushu weapons drilling.

1 month to half a year according to each course

We also arrange travel during the term, the traveling spots include Liang mountain, Qufu City, Tai Mountain, Chaozhou Peony Garden, Songjiang's former residence, Huangnigang, Tang Dynasty Tower and more.

 P.C.: 274718 
TEL: +86-530-6524412   

Mobile: 13181552027

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Songjiang Wushu School is in Yuncheng, a famous town of shandong Province. After you have arrived in China, you can choose one of the travelling methods below:
  1. From Beijing to Yuncheng by train.
  2. From Beijing to Jinan by plane, then from Jinan to Yuncheng by bus.
  3. From Shanghai to Jinan by train or by plane, then from Jinan to Yuncheng by bus.
  4. From Guangzhou to Heze by train, then from Heze to Yuncheng by bus.
  5. From Guangzhou to Jinan by plane, then from Jinan to Yuncheng by bus.
  6. From Hongkong to Jinan by plane, then from Jinan to Yuncheng by bus.



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