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In Songjiang Wushu School, culture and Wushu education develop simultaneously. Great successes have been achieved. In the last 14 years many good students were taught and trained here. More than 700 of them became athletes of the National Wushu Team, the National Armed Police Chief Team, and students at  physical education, universities and colleges. 38 of them were ranked national martial heroes. Over 900 instructors were trained here for other Wushu schools, and more than 2,000 peace preservation persons were trained for various enterprises. The students of the school have won 786 gold, silver and bronze medals in competitions both in China and abroad. For example, at the National Wushu village competition in 1993, the students won 5 gold medals for cudgel play and broadsword play. They won 4 gold medals, and 8 silver and bronze medals, and the total scores of the team won first place at the National Wushu Village Sanshou competition in 1995. Chen, Xingzhao, and other students of the school have won many championships at national Wushu competitions.


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Yu Yonggang
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Yu Yonggang


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