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The Gouwa Artistic Group was organized by the students of Songjiang Wushu School. President FAN, Qingbin is the leader. They mainly give Wushu dancing performance. That is a new kind of art. In 1994, "Gouwa plays on spring" performed by  the Gouwa Artistic Group at the spring festival evening party on CCTV made a great stir all over the country and won the first prize of "Chun Lan Cup". Very soon after that, the Gouwa Artistic Group's programs were performed successively on the Shanghai International Children's Cultural and Artistic Day, at the "Loving and Teaching Activities" Great Evening Party for the friendship between China and Japan, on the 50th Anniversary of success of the Chinese War of Resistance Against Japan and World War Against Fascist, at the Chinese government's welcoming ceremony on the occasion of the UN's Fourth World Conference on Women and at the opening ceremony of the 15th World Conference on oil. At the Spring festival in 1997, after performing "Man at the Military Camp" at the "Shuangyong" Cultural and Artistic Evening Party, the Gouwa Artistic Group was kindly received by Chairman JIANG, Zemin, Premier LI, Peng and other leaders of our country and had a photo taken with them. On July 1, 1997, the Gouwa Artistic Group as the only Wushu representative group in the country to give performances for celebrating Hong Kong's Returning to Mainland, in Hong Kong. They have performed at over 50 national celebrating ceremonies. In March, 1998, they performed wonderfully together with the Japanese sword sports visiting group. They were also invited by Italy and Russia to give performances for the purpose of prompting the friendly exchange with these countries. Audiences of millions were greatly impressed by the artistic character of each performance. The little actors of the Gouwa Artistic Group have also appeared in films and TV documentaries such as "Little Drunk Fist", "The Great Jingjiu Track" and "Little Tiger Group". They have successfully created the characters of little heroes,  one after another.
The Gouwa Artistic Group has prepared various kinds of Wushu dancing programs and can perform all by themselves. They have the ability to give performances for the purpose of promoting Wushu culture exchange between countries. Performance agents and friends working in the field of film and TV are warmly welcomed to contact us for giving of performances.

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Made Performance
In Japan
Made Performance
at Beijing
Made Performance
In Shenzhen
97'  Spring Festival


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  Have a Rest   94' Spring Festival Night    Made Performance
with a famous artist
Have a cup of wine before Leaving

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